Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know, not the best picture in the world, but Pesky was a little nervous when he first arrived at Wayside Waifs. HERO received a phone call from a woman in Independence who is taking care of the feral cats in her neighborhood. She also mentioned she had one cat hanging around her house who wasn't feral, but she didn't have the money to take him in and adopt him herself.

I set up a time to bring her some food for the feral cats and check in on the cat she named Pesky (due to the fact that every time she came out of her house, Pesky would weave in and out of her legs non-stop while she was outside). When I arrived, Pesky was on her front porch and welcomed me by rolling on to his back and begging for a belly rub. After seeing this, I made a few phone calls and convinced Wayside Waifs to take him in for adoption!

Pesky is available at Wayside Waifs and is just waiting for that new home where he can weave in and out of the legs of someone new. Stop by and meet him...hopefully he won't be around long enough to need a new photo!

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  1. His new name is Justin Bieber, and he has a better photo now. And he is very sweet!