Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nine White Huskies

In mid-December, HERO was called to Mound City, KS, to pick up some puppies from a mobile home community. The owner of these dogs had decided that he wanted to breed and sell white Huskies. The night before the call, he had been arrested. His family stated he was going to be in jail for a long time and they couldn't take care of all the dogs he had.

Upon arrival, I found the community to contain five mobile homes and in the center, there were three dogs chained to trees with dog houses next to them. It seems the owner had bred the mama dog twice. He couldn't sell most of the first litter and her 10-month-old puppies were still there. Apparently, he decided to breed her again and there was a litter of 6-week-old puppies living under the trailer.

The older dogs were easy to get...I unchained one, took two out of pens in the back of the mobile home and one who was running the neighborhood came back to see what was going on. All of these dogs were quickly loaded into the van and I went to work trying to get my hands on the little pups who were under the mobile home. These puppies had never been handled by people and were obviously a bit nervous when my head showed up underneath the mobile home and started reaching for them. The first two came quick enough and were placed in a carrier. The other three took more time.

After spending an hour crawling around underneath the mobile home (I couldn't quite reach them) and trying to lure the puppies out in to the open, the previous owner's cousin squeezed underneath the mobile home and was able to get to the area where the pups were hiding. She handed them to me and we were done! Two hours after arriving, I was headed back to Kansas City with four ten-month-old dogs and five six-week-old pups. Each one was all white with blue eyes or bi-colored eyes. Wayside Waifs was willing to take the young pups and get them in to foster and luckily, they had room for the older pups as well!

The younger pups are still in foster and should be available for adoption within the next week or two. One has an eye injury and the vets are waiting to see if it heals or if the eye needs to be removed. Three of the older pups have been adopted. One is still available for adoption at Wayside and is on their website. Her name is Snowball and she is a beautiful dog looking for a forever home with a new friend who knows about huskies!

Days like this are the great days with the HERO program and No More Homeless Pets KC. When we all work together, we can help more animals and get dogs like this off chains and in to loving homes!
Photo Credit: Josh Solar

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  1. I look forward to reading this blog. Hopefully you'll update it a lot! I heard the puppies are doing great and getting big!