Thursday, January 13, 2011


I received a call about Barkley from the woman who has been taking care of him for the past couple of months. It seems, a "friend" dropped him off at her house as she could no longer take care of Barkley or really do anything with him. Barkley is very anti-social with people. He does well with other dogs, but is terrified (and I mean terrified in the-I am going to run from you and scream any time you come near me-sort of way) of people. 

I went over to get Barkley to bring him to No More Homeless Pets KC for neutering and shots. He had been in the backyard as he wouldn't come back in to the house. He had access to a dog house with straw, but would not go in to it. With it being so cold and snowy, I felt the sooner we could get him inside and altered, the better it would be.

I went over on a cold and snowy day and found Barkley hanging out in the backyard. As soon as I would get anywhere near him, he would yelp and run as far away as possible. I grabbed the snappy snare out of my van and went to work following him around the snow-covered yard until I could get close enough to get him. After a few failed attempts and about 15 minutes, I finally got control of him and got him in to a carrier.

Once at No More Homeless Pets KC, we got him set up in a kennel with some blankets. The following morning, he had surgery, was vaccinated and heart worm tested. He went home that night and is staying in a pen set up in the house. This allows him to stay warm and begins to allow him to get used to being around people. If you work with dogs like Barkley or know someone who would be able to work with him, please let me know and I can pass along your information to the woman taking care of him.

With a little work and a lot of love, Barkley has the opportunity to make someone very happy. I am very happy I got to meet Barkley and only hope everything works out for him. I am just thankful that he has a warm spot to sleep each night and someone who cares enough to try to help him find a forever home! 

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