Monday, January 24, 2011

Millie and Her Munchkins

Last Friday, I was asked to help a family who had taken in a stray dog who had just given birth. It seems the dog followed the oldest son home from school for a couple of days in a row and they decided to keep her and name her Millie. Because his mom and younger brother were allergic, as happens a lot in our community and communities everywhere, she was kept outside on a chain. She became pregnant and six weeks ago she gave birth to five little munchkins.
The family tried to take care of them, but they barely had enough money to put food on their own table and they were quickly running short of dog food since they now had six mouths to feed instead of just one. They called No More Homeless Pets KC to see if we would be able to help them.
I made a few phone calls and sent some e-mails as I really wanted to get them out of the cold and snow as soon as possible, especially with more snow in the forecast. Knowing they had been living outside for six weeks with nothing more than an Igloo and a tarp, I really wanted to find them a warm place to stay. Luckily, I convinced Wayside Waifs to take them in and put the puppies in to foster.  
Since the people who called weren't sure what breed Millie was, I really had no clue what to expect. In cases like this, I have found all sorts of dogs in all sorts of conditions. I have found dogs who were skinny, parasite infested, aggressive, injured, etc. Rarely do I find dogs who are happy, healthy and friendly. When I arrived at the home, I quickly realized Millie and her munchkins were all of these!
After catching all the pups and loading them in to the van, I transported them to Wayside. Millie and all the pups seemed really happy to be in a nice warm building. The pups were loaded in a "puppy bus", instantly got comfortable and made themselves at home. After being medically checked over and once they are of age, all the pups will be made available for adoption. Millie will be made available for adoption once she has been deemed medically and behaviorally ready.
Keep an eye out on their website for Millie and her pups---Joe, Barbie, Sheree, Markee and Tye. They are adorable and are going to make some people very, very happy. Contact Wayside or respond here if you are interested in adopting Millie or one of her Munchkins or if you are interested in fostering them.

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