Thursday, May 12, 2011

Disaster Response with the ASPCA

I spent last week in the “boot heel” of Missouri helping at a temporary animal shelter being run by the ASPCA. Because of the Mississippi River floods, many people were being forced to evacuate their homes and the ASPCA opened a temporary animal shelter to help with the displaced family companions.
Pam in the cat area.

HSUS had staff and volunteers helping with the shelter as well. I was greatly impressed with how well staff from the ASPCA and HSUS worked together while helping the animals. Many of the volunteers spent their days helping to take care of the animals. We cleaned and interacted with cats, walked dogs and cleaned their kennels, took care of the pocket pets (rabbits and guinea pigs), and helped to take care of the horses and goat.

Judy in front of some of the supplies.

This is the coolest goat you could ever meet.

We had all sizes of dogs.

Some of the horses. Luckily, it stopped raining mid-week.

These were long, physically demanding days, but no one complained. We knew why we were there and what needed to be done. These animals needed our help and we had the responsibility to help them. Personally, I loved the work. I woke up each morning more sore than the morning before, but I knew I was doing good work, making some great, new friends and helping out animals and people in need.

My thoughts continue to be drawn to the people and animals still there and I hope they will be able to soon find their way back home.    

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